Svetla Mihailova, D2E Consultant

Hi, my name is  Svetla.

I don’t really know how exactly to introduce myself. Given that I don’t like to speak about my humble 😉 but otherwise flamboyant persona I would rather refer to what others say about me.

In my work one of the first questions I ask people is what was their first impression of my personality. Answers always are around these – open, amiable,“crazy“, creative, friendly, „a storm“, loud, communicative, genuine, easygoing. This is the result of living my Colours & Image a.k.a. being true to my authentic self. Some are nice, some – not totally socially acceptable, but all are true.

At the end of the day, my most favourite comments on me and my work are: 1) Thank you so much, Svetla! It was like therapy for me; 2) You are so passionate about your work and you „burn“ while doing it!

If you are curious if it is true, you are very welcome to my classes. I’ll gladly give you the chance to explore.