Sue James, Biodanza Facilitator

Dance is just one of the things that moved me, I believe that the body is the most profoundly intelligent system, every cell in the body works to survive no matter what the circumstances. Your body is your support system, so learning to love it, honour it, cherish it and share it with others is fantastic. As humans we need connection, we need empathy, we need to feel, we need to be heard and like it or not we need each other.

I am a grandmother of 5 beautiful children.

My life has been colourful and I have generally loved everything I have ever done. Even the things that seemed difficult, were things that I saw as important avenues to experience. As a career I trained as an Accountant and for most of my life this had been my core work. I owned my own business for 20 years.

In 1999 I did the Landmark Forum, (a personal development training course) where I then spent some months, years, reviewing my life, looking deeply at what worked and what didn’t, I found out such a lot about myself during the years ahead. I then completed other trainings one of which was “Insight” (a much more experiential system than Landark). During my time with Insight, I had some real awakenings in terms of getting to know what it was I loved, singing, music, poetry and dancing were not things I really expressed, even though I was completely passionate about them. So, in 2003 just before my business closed, I set out on course that would change my life for ever. I started meditating on a Soul Transcendence pathway. I then became involved in a biocentric dance organisation, that helped me to really get into my body and assisted me in moving forwards to teaching dance. Not structured and formal dance but more organic, using the neuro sciences to provide transformation through movement, music and connection. I now teach this in London, on a regular basis at The Place in Dukes Road near Euston.

I am currently teaching in London – Biodanza, DANCEmandala, Voice, Music and percussion, Shaking, and meditation. I do recommend that you dance, even if it is in your own home, with a set of headphones on, moving your body you will find has immense benefits.