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How the sites work

Green Valley Holidays offer a wide range of services that are advertised in different websites.

You are on our main site called GREENVALLEYGOZO.COM

This website offers tips, ideas, information related to the services we offer in the posts. Under ‘EVENTS’ you can find different categories of posts that may interest you and inform you on topics you like . The information you find in these posts are related to the programs we run and will give you a general idea and plenty information.



All other sites such as CATERING, NATURIST, DORI KONYHA and CAFE are listed on the top menu of GREENVALLEYGOZO.COM site. By clicking on these heading you will be navigated over to the site.

Our CATERING site offers services related to catering for private parties, boat trips, and more.

DORI KONYHA site offers recipes (mostly in Hungarian) to those who are interested in the recipes of the dishes we catered during our events.

The NATURIST site offers events particularly for lovers of naturist living.

Our CAFE site introduces you to your cafe, the menu and events we hold there.


Our particular events are advertised on EVENTS.GREENVALLEYGOZO.COMĀ (click on link) site.
You can participate in these events by booking yourself on them. Each page (see top menu) gives you information on one particular events and booking options. You can also find a booking
form for with each events either at the bottom of the page or on the side of the page.

The top menu headings guide you through the different events we offer this

Should you need further information on courses and events please do not hesitate to contact us on